The No-Clicks Fix


You’ve built a website.

You’ve shared it.

You’ve shared it again.

But it’s not making any sales.

Sometimes we’re so close to something we can’t see what might be wrong. The proverbial forest for the trees.

That’s where I’ll come in. I’ll take my 14 years of website design knowledge and:

  1. review your site
  2. check your online presence to see where we can improve traffic to your site
  3. examine your branding and target market to see if these mesh
  4. share my findings with you via video and offer up suggestions on how to improve your site’s aesthetics and messaging
  5. 30 minute follow up chat about it as well (or we can video chat real time).
  6. Quick SEO check on your main pages to make sure you’ve got your keywords in the right places

I’ll tell you what’s good, what could be improved and what should absolutely be fixed to improve the user interface (known in the tech world as UI).

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